Marula or almond oil? Delicate skin care in two versions

Oils are cut out for treating sensitive skin. There are two oils that are recommended for this skin type more often than others: marula oil and almond oil. Which one proves better?

Sensitive skin care is challenging because even the highest-quality products may cause allergic reaction. When we face to hypersensitivity, it’s the most important that we choose as natural and delicate products as possible.

The best oils for sensitive skin

Marula oil and almond oil are top choices among hypersensitive skin sufferers. Sometimes, the women’s favorite, that is fragrant rose oil, joins in yet it’s essential oil so applying it to very sensitive skin is risky.

Marula oil has antioxidant and antiseptic effect, moisturizes skin, it is light and full of oleic acid thanks to which it works from within, nourishing, repairing and improving the appearance of skin.

Almond oil is filled with antioxidant vitamin E and, thanks to extra vitamins, fatty acids and plant sterols, it can be compared to a nutrient-dense cocktail. It’s an ultralight oil which moisturizes, revitalizes, comprehensively protects, firms up and soothes irritations.

best almondoil for hair

Five reasons why almond oil is better

  1. Research results show that sweet almond oil causes allergic reactions the least and works very gently.
  2. It’s the one and only oil dedicated to moms-to-be and for infant’s delicate skin care.
  3. Almond oil is definitely the most effective oil to fight cellulite, stretch marks and wrinkles: it effectively rejuvenates the skin.
  4. The composition of almond oil is hands down higher in vitamin E (youthness vit.) than other oils’.
  5. A good-quality almond oil is easier to access than e.g. exotic marula oil.

Nanoil Sweet Almond Oil, in other words, the best oil for sensitive skin

Sweet almond oil deserves to be put first in the Nanoil line. It’s the best oil for hypersensitive skin care and every woman should have in her beauty bag.

Must-read! Nanoil Almond Oil is 100% of cold-pressed, unrefined, organic oil extracted from sweet almonds.

It is free from any useless additives (parabens, synthetic aromas, colorants, silicones) so it’s all-natural and skin-friendly. Nanoil is exclusively based on delicate almond oil extracted from reliable material which is confirmed by the Ecocert quality label.

Nanoil Almond Oil is also very light so it neither makes skin oily nor overloads it. After application, it’s absorbed within a few seconds leaving a feeling of velvet-smooth skin or hair.

What is the effect of Nanoil Almond Oil?

How do you benefit from using almond oil on a regular basis? This natural beauty product has lots of qualities.

  • It relieves skin and scalp irritation.
  • It replenishes moisture.
  • It revitalizes skin and hair follicles.
  • It protects against the sun, toxins, free radicals.
  • It makes stretch marks and cellulite less visible.
  • It has antiaging effect on the whole body.
  • It smoothes, softens and gives a healthy shine.

organic almond oil

It’s little wonder that Nanoil Almond Oil is a better choice for everyday skin and hair care than e.g. the above-said marula oil.

The usage of this oil doesn’t trigger any problems. It’s a very light product so feel free to use it alone without any additional ingredients. A few drops are enough to make skin as smooth as silk and soothe the irritations. If we want to strengthen and beautify hair, we can perform oil treatment or use it as base for a hair mask. Besides, we can measure out a few drops and get a cotton pad to create a homemade, mild and effective makeup removing oil.

Both in terms of uses and benefits, Nanoil Almond Oil has some more secrets that you can discover at