Best Hair Care Products With Marula Oil. You Must Try Them Out!

Marula oil INCI: Sclerocarya Birrea Seed Oil

Marula oil in hair care – why is it so effective?

Marula oil is a very unique visitor from Africa. It rarely appears in hair care products, which is a pity, because it is characterised by a high concentration of “favourite” hair vitamins, including vitamin E (inhibits hair loss) and vitamin C (provides anti-ageing properties). There is no other oil that will take care of elasticity and youthfulness of hair as marula oil. It will protect strands from damage, take care of their elasticity and shine. You should know that this oil has a high compatibility with the human skin, thus significantly supports the process of regeneration, taking care of the cells. Marula oil leaves the scalp clean with balanced level of sebum.

Marula oil works well for medium porosity hair care – not extremely damaged and dehydrated yet its ends are splitting and strands are frizzy and fall out. Most people around the world have this type of hair and marula oil perfectly fulfils its needs. It is also important that the product does not weigh hair down: it is gentle, absorbs quickly and leaves hair smooth, shiny and resilient. If you want to feel the difference in the condition of your strands and notice a change for the better in their appearance simply start using marula oil.

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Nanoil For Medium Porosity Hair – hair oil

Nanoil is a revolution in hair care. It is an irreplaceable cosmetic, which should (and must) appear in your bathroom. A number of high-quality carefully selected oils and unique substances (Kerastim and baicapil) strengthening the roots and boost growth of strong, thick hair, makes Nanoil leave the competition far behind. In its composition – in addition to Marula oil – you will find very popular oils like argan, maracuja, macadamia, jojoba and coconut oil. All of them are enriched with vitamins A and E and a UV filter. Such components provide softness and silky shine.

Schwarzkopf Professional Bc Bonacure Oil Miracle Marula Oil – a gentle shampoo

If your hair is thin and delicate, often tangled and does not like heavy, burdening products, you can use “oil” shampoo series Bc Bonacture Oil, signed by Schwarzkopf. The shampoo contains valuable marula oil, which will make your hair perfectly clean and neat, free of any impurities and properly moisturised. Thanks to using marula oil contained in the shampoo your hair will no longer be tangled and unruly. On the contrary, it will be easy to comb and to style, while the level of sebum on the scalp will be balanced.

Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Oil Miracle Marula Oil – oil in spray

If you are in need of a substance that would quickly tame unruly strands and that could be used anytime you want – you can reach for oil in spray from Schwarzkopf. Marula oil contained in this product will smooth and provide beautiful shine to your hair, facilitate styling and help tame unruly, frizzy strands. Marula oil from Schwarzkopf will shield hair from impurities and damages due to adverse weather conditions. However, you must remember not to use it too often as the contained alcohols and silicones can have comedogenic effects.

Marula oil softness & shine Hello Nature – hair conditioner

For nourishment and regeneration of hair the best choice is to use the gentle hair conditioner containing marula oil. The Hello Nature company has created a remarkable beauty product that moisturises and smooths hair, making it velvety and soft to the touch. Marula oil included in the product from Hello Nature provides hair with vitamins and contributes to improving beautiful radiance of your hair. Regularly used hair conditioner will make the problem of dry hair disappear, and strands will regain elasticity and vitality. The Hello Nature conditioner proves to be even more effective if you add a few drops of pure oil or a blend of carefully selected natural oils to it. They magnify the effects of the conditioner.