6 caring features of marula oil. Do you know them all?

Marula oil is an incredibly rich substance extracted from Elephant Tree plant. African tribes consider it as synonym of health, vitality and beauty. Here are six, the most essential features of marula oil.


The great advantage of marula oil, over other similar products, is its high concentration of oleic acid. This substance demonstrates the exceptional abilities of penetrating deep into all skin layers. Included into fatty acids Omega-9 active substances are responsible for maintaining right level of hydration by locking up water inside cells. What is more, marula oil reinforces natural lipid barrier of epidermis. This in turn limits evaporation of water from skin and hair.


Elephant Tree oil is rich in vitamins and minerals. What are their functions? For example, C vitamin is able to highlight discolourations. Great amounts of E vitamin provide regenerating action. This has its consequence in significantly accelerated healing up process of all possible skin wounds, such as acne marks. Regenerative action of marula oil works also for hair.


The third characteristic feature of marula oil is its anti-inflammatory, easing and antibacterial action. Treating skin with marula oil, especially the one which is affected by acne, eczema, psoriasis and atopic dermatitis, helps to relieve irritations, eliminate cause of the problem, neutralize inflammations and counteract dryness.


The vitamin of youth, antioxidants and fatty acids – these are the elements which make marula oil able to delay ageing processes. It is effective in counteracting free radicals, halting collagen from decaying, slowing down ageing processes of cells and eliminating visibility of wrinkles. It can be stated that marula oil is a multitask cosmetic.


Firming action of marula oil goes hand in hand with its anti-ageing working. Again, this feature is possible due to E vitamin and oleic acid. Due to regular application of marula oil, skin regains it youthful smoothness, softness and elasticity. This African oil is perfect for counteracting stretch marks and cellulitis.


As majority of oils, also marula oil shows protective action, which provides skin and hair with appropriate level of defence against aggressive factors deriving from the external environment. Care, nourishment, hydration and regeneration make marula oil a perfect product of hair and skin strengthening action.