Marula oil vs. Argan oil. Which one is better?

For several years now, there has been this unquestionable hype for argan oil. This natural substance can be found in almost every cosmetic available in pharmacies. And what if somebody does not like this oil? Can it be replaced with something else? It appears that African marula oil is a good alternative to pervasive argan oil. But is it equally effective?


Seeds necessary for producing marula oil are collected from trees growing in southern Africa. Seeds of argan oil are also collected in Africa but, to be more precise, in Morocco (north of the continent). Marula oil comes from wild farming, whereas, argan nuts are grown only on eco-friendly farms that are certified. The truth is, this does not seem to be of much importance because since ages, both oils have been willingly used for hair and skin care by most of African women. Why is that?


The most significant feature of marula oil is hydration. Additionally, its action can be described with the following adjectives: regenerative, nourishing, firming, strengthening and anti-ageing. Similarly to argan oil, marula oil is hailed as the miraculous oil, which works fine for hair, fingernails and skin care. The major difference between the oils is the content of Omega-9 fatty acids. To demonstrate, marula oil has definitely greater concentration of oleic acid, therefore, it can be considered as being more nourishing, hydrating and light.


Named Liquid Gold Of Morocco, argan oil has pale-yellow colour. Similar, yet a little bit darker, golden colour has marula oil. The greatest difference though is the aroma. To clarify, marula oil has more delicate fragrance. Argan oil in turn has very characteristic scent, which is definitely more intensive. Marula oil’s aroma is described as more pleasant and less irritating.

Marula oil vs. Argan oil

To sum up briefly, it can be stated that marula oil wins over argan oil. When it comes to price, both oils are rather expensive. What is more, both products come from Africa and are extracted form exotic trees’ seeds. The advantage of argan oil over marula oil is the eco-friendly farming. On the other hand, marula oil has much better features and richer composition. Additionally, marula oil has more pleasant fragrance and a user-friendly formula (is better in absorption, does not weight down).